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We have been handling waste disposal for over twenty-five years. Eight years as a generator, fourteen years as a waste disposal company including eight as a principle and four years as a consultant. We use our experience and relationships as a tool to provide environmentally friendly solutions.

Below are some examples of our past experience:
Provided waste management expertise in improving waste programs at current facilities and provide survey and proposals for prospective clients with regards to waste management opportunities.
Established, start up, permitting and operations of a company providing comprehensive waste stream services to the healthcare industry.
Responsible for setting up and directing the sales and marketing of a new medical waste incinerator and hazardous waste TSDF and designed a reusable packaging system.
Started full service sharps service for hospitals including involvement in container design and marketing material.
Managed the support services operations in various hospitals in NY and NJ which included Environmental Services, Laundry/Linen and Purchasing.

Responsible for the day to day operations of the Environmental Services of a 1200 bed hospital. Set up cycle cleaning programs, evaluated bids and oversaw exterminating, window cleaning and waste services.
Hazardous Waste Technician NJ & NY
Healthcare Facilities Certification
Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional