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Comprehensive Waste Stream Consulting was founded in September of 2008. The company is backed with 25 years of experience in the industry. Maintaining environmental sustainability is one of our top priorities. In order to instill a successful program, we will work closely with your employees  and provide routine services including a technical expert to review, update, monitor, and improve the policies and practices of proper waste segregation, storage, handling, recycling, volume minimization, and removal in a  regulatory compliant, environmentally sound, user friendly and cost effective manner.

Three years of the program have been provided to the client facilities of Sodexho. The relationship with the Sodexho program remains as part of an ongoing consulting agreement with the company for our services. There are currently twelve Sodexho facilities utilizing the program and additional facilities about to be added.

In addition to this, the principal of the company is certified as a Hazmat Technician and has owned a waste disposal company in the Northeast which disposed of solid waste, regulated medical waste, hazardous waste, confidential documents and recycling grossing $5 million annually.