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The Approach/Inclusion requires total facility buy-in, starting with the CEO and being communicated to all employees by administration. Buy-in and participation is required by all employees at the facility, as well as easy enough for visitors to understand and participate. Our program monitors compliance and progress on a three week basis and reports volume changes on a monthly basis.

Top level leadership begins with a statement of commitment and expected results followed with the announcement of a recycling committee leader and team. Top level leadership starts the first team meeting and hands off routine responsibilities to the team leader. Expectations for activities, results, monitors, measurement, recognition and rewards are established. Top level leadership remains in an active role to support team efforts and remove barriers by requiring progress reports on routine basis. Roles, responsibilities, and meeting frequencies are determined among the team members. A mission statement is developed along with team norms and objectives. A schedule is developed for ongoing site observations and audits. All of these items are in preparation to build a measurable, achievable plan.