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Employees are intensively trained on the latest regulations for each waste stream to allow them to properly segregate waste and meet packaging requirements or storage time frames so that disposal is performed in a regulatory compliant manner. Additionally, employees are educated on the cost of disposal for each waste stream which helps them understand the importance of properly segregating all waste.

Certain waste streams present a risk of injury to the employees handling them. For these waste streams, we modify the handling practices to reduce the number of times handled, which reduces the risk of exposure to the employees. Secondly, with items such as sharp containers, we transition the type of containers utilized to ones that are user friendly and reduce the risk of contact when placing the needles in sharp containers.

With suction canisters, we transition current containers to reusable ones that can be processed onsite and eliminates any exposure to employees that are dumping or packaging this waste for disposal.

With regulated medical waste, we evaluate the current containers being utilized to make sure the container meets the needs for the volume of waste being generated, and allows for placement in soiled utility rooms so that the waste only needs to be physically handled once.