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Comprehensive Waste Stream Consulting provides Integrated Waste Management consulting services for facilities. We will partner with your facility to develop an environmentally friendly "green" solution to managing your waste streams through changing the culture of the company and how employees segregate waste.

Employee training is extremely important when implementing your new waste management program. We partner with your facility and educate your employees to create an effective and sustainable program. Our primary focus is the proper segregation of the waste at "point of generation". Regulatory requirements must also be met for all waste.

Our program trains employees how to properly segregate all waste into the appropriate waste stream by changing the location, size and color of the waste bins. Recommendations and modifications will be made to the current waste management process to increase the amount of recycling that is achieved and to convert some of their waste from disposable items to reusable items.

Through our partnership with waste vendors, we are able to provide equipment that recycles or eliminates parts of the waste stream while others improve the program currently in use that may lack an environmentally friendly approach.